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I wouldn't call this MEDIOCRE NY Pizza, it's pretty damned tasty NY style pizza. It's not Coal-oven like Lombardi's or Famous Ray's. But it is a step up from the counter-slices you find in NY and beats out MANY a Pizza here in Chicago. Totally dig the pizza here. In NYC, best counter-style pizza is Hot & Crusty, open 24hrs a day and is awfully good.


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Pretty delicious NY style pizza. I had been looking for a place that delivered NY style pizza and it did not disappoint. If you are like me then you like to go either Chicago Style or NY style, not the cardboard-like thin crust you find throughout the midwest. I will order again!


Top Reviewer
I recently discovered Cafe Luigi's and it has quickly become my favorite place in Lincoln Park/Lakeview for pizza. While the minimum delivery charge is a bit steep ($25 min.) the pizza is fantastic. I highly recommend the NY style, but they do deep dish as well.


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Amazing!! Literally the perfect pizza. Deep dish in Chicago gets annoying after a while and this is the perfect way to switch up my pizza Sundays. Perfect amount of cheese and grease!! This will now be my go-to place for thinner New York style!!


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Im an east coaster who grew up eating new york style pizza in NY and NJ. This pizza is legit new york style and I highly recommend! I have only tried the pies so I can't say how any other portion of the menu here is. Worth ordering from here!

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1 review
Best Pizza in Chicago....So hard to find new york style pizza here! It's perfect.


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Fantastic NY Style pizza. It was a hit a my son's bday party.


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Solid new york style pizza.

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